About Us

Lahore Academy of Competitive Exams (LACE) is an initiative aimed at reducing education cost and time through delivering quality guidance via online & interactive mediums.

It was started in 2006 as a static venture in Lahore under the auspices of Professor Manzoor Mirza. Though over  years, hundreds of students  attended this platform for  different competitive exams across Pakistan, there was always a need to reach out to the people who, somehow, could not afford to travel to and live in Lahore.

Similarly, a lot many people benefited from the resource persons of this platform and its founding father Professor Mirza. However, after the death of  Professor Mirza there was a huge vacuum in the coaching avenues for preparation of competitive exams in the country. Idea of gathering all successful students of Professor Manzoor  was thought to compensate his departure. However, it was almost impossible to gather so many bright stars scattered across the country. Hence, this static forum had to evolve into a virtual platform.

It is still based in Lahore but virtually it exists everywhere in the world. Most of students who attended this platform and succeeded have joined back the Alma matter as resource persons.    For the past one and half year  around hundred candidates have joined CSS Sessions and a lot many for other competitive exams from all our Pakistan.

LACE has one claim: its the only platform whose list of resource persons only includes qualified CSS or PMS officers. And it has reasons to do so. It believes that a non-qualified resource persons perhaps may not help you clear a competitive exam.

At the same time, LACE is anti-commercialization. It is aimed at breaking the monopoly of a few highly commercialized entities in this field who are plundering the jobless youth.